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Special Moments Highlight


All Packages Include:

Up to Ten Hours of Coverage

Filming begins with bridal party preparations and continues into open dancing.


Ceremony Keepsake Video

All packages include a separate 4K video of your entire ceremony from start to finish, captured by a single, tripod camera. 

Instagram Sneak-Peek

We will send you 20-60 second 4K cinematic teaser video within a week of your wedding day.


Special Moments Highlight

A stylish, engaging video of the day’s highlights set to a licensed song of the couple's choosing.  

Video includes footage of the bride’s and groom’s preparations, ceremony, post-ceremony festivities, and reception. One cinematographer.  

Premium Highlight

A more robust production. Two cinematographers capture a wider variety of special moments throughout the day, beginning with bridal party preparations and concluding with dance floor footage.

Audio excerpts from the ceremony and reception speeches are captured live and mixed into the video over music.


Deluxe Highlight

This package incorporates the same features and coverage as our Premium Highlight but is considerably longer. Special events of the day are captured by two cinematographers and edited into an 8-12 minute video set to music.

Audio excerpts from the ceremony and reception speeches are captured live and mixed over the video.

Full Documentary -Dual Package

This package includes a Premium Highlight Video, described above. In the Full Documentary, more of the pre-ceremony preparations and day-long festivities are included.

Two cinematographers provide multiple camera coverage of the ceremony and reception.​  The Video Add-Ons of Full Ceremony Coverage, Toasts and Speeches, and Spotlight Dances are included in this package. 

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Full Ceremony Coverage

Complete coverage of the ceremony. Besides using a wide-angle tripod shot, both cinematographers film the ceremony in its entirety from various angles. These multiple shots are edited together into a separate video showing the ceremony from start to finish.

Toasts and Speeches

Multi-camera coverage and quality audio capture of all toasts and speeches made during your reception.

Champagne Cheers at Wedding Celebration_edited_edited.jpg

Spotlight Dances

Full edited coverage of up to three First Dances. The music chosen must be available for licensing at FyrFly. Please click the button below to be directed to their site.

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